Advanced Bespoke Body Treatments

Bodies come in different shapes and sizes and therefore have different concerns, goals and react differently to different diets and advanced bespoke body treatments.

To achieve better results, I’ve found that it’s more beneficial to use and layer a variety of advanced high-tech machines to deliver more effective results as each treatment can be tailored to the individual client needs, skin type, concerns and goals to give a completely bespoke treatment.

The range of bespoke body treatments can help with fat reduction, inch loss, cellulite, contouring, slimming, toning and lympathic drainage to eliminate toxins.

Laser Lipo

A non-invasive low level/cold laser light system that is designed to reduced unwanted fat within the body without pain or downtime.

It can be done on most areas of the body, a typical 40 minute treatment can reduce an individual by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch while a full course of treatment – 8 sessions usually see results of multiple inch loss*. Laser Lipo is considered to be one of the most innovative, quicker treatments for reducing stubborn fat that does not always respond to diet and exercise.


A micro-current technology that is used for muscle lifting, toning and contouring, cellulite as well as helping to speed up the lympathic system to remove the waste/toxin from the body faster.

CACI Quantum body machine can give a 2 in 1 detox as it helps to break down and burn fat, help remove toxins, boost lymph & blood flow.

Ultra-Sonic Cavitation

Helps body shaping by using ultrasonic technology to convert fat cells into liquid which can be naturally drained by the body own lympathic system.

Ultrasonic cavitation is an excellent treatment to help loss fat and reshape the body.

Radio Frequency

Works in the deeper and superficial layers of the skin to shorten collagen fibres, produce collagen, tighten, firm and contour the skin

Advanced Body Treatments

Environ Body Sculpt

Has a body probe that can help to penetrate high quality products deeper into the skin to improve cellulite, tone and texture


Pharmaceutical graded mesotherapy solutions that can be used to help breakdown fat and cellulite


Medical graded pen that can stimulate collagen to help repair stretch marks and scarring

By using a combination of the advanced high-tec body machines and professional products together into one treatment to give more effective results rather than just a stand alone treatment.


  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Achieve instant results
  • Build up treatment for better results
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Quicker results compared to other fat reduction treatments

Areas that can be treatment

  • Stomach
  • Double chin
  • Upper inner arms (bingo wings)
  • Top of thighs
  • Lower back/bra area
  • Buttocks

As with all bespoke body treatments, to achieve the best results you should combine them with a healthy diet, regularly exercise and drinking plenty of water to help flush out fat and toxins.

Some clients will see results after first couple of sessions but to see the very best results a course of treatment is required between 8-12 treatments, ideally 1-2 treatments per week over 4 weeks.

Results will be vary from person to person as to how quickly they respond to treatment, age, lifestyle, diet, exercise and home-care routine.

A thorough consultation is advised before deciding on what body treatment is best suited to your needs and goals, within the consultation body weight and other measurements will be taken with a FitTrack Pro that will analyze a variety of key body indicators so that you can track you progress, as well as before and after pictures.

You will be able to see and feel the improvements happening but its also nice to see the results in black and white.

Ultra Body Contouring Treatment

This is the most advanced body contouring and shaping treatment using all the modalities for fat reduction, inch loss and skin tightening treatment as it combines LaserLipo, Ultrasound Cavitation and new fast heating, deeper radio frequency.

A 10 min PowerPlate session is included to help speed up destroyed fat cells leaving the body.

£90 per treatment / £680 for course of 8

Advanced Fat Reduction Treatment

This great advanced fat reduction/contouring treatment will help to reduce fat and shape/contour the body this combines Laser Lipo and Ultrasonic Cavitation the two key treatments for fat loss and inch loss.

A 10 min PowerPlate session can be added to this treatment for £5 to help speed up destroyed fat cells leaving the body.

£75 per treatment / £560 for course of 8

Bespoke Body Treatments

Following a consultation a treatment plan will be tailored to individual needs, concern areas and goals, within this treatment a combination of technology modalities can be used which include:

  • CACI Quantum Muscle lifting, toning and contouring
  • Ultrasonic-Cavitation to help breakdown fat and contour the body
  • Environ body probe to help improve the appearance of cellulite and skin texture
  • Body scrub to help remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture
  • Mesotherapy pharmaceutical sterile solutions penetrated into the skin using the Xpert device to help push deeper into the fat cells

£65 per treatment / £440 for course of 8

Upper Arm Treatment

Focuses on the upper arms (bingo wings) for fat loss, inch loss and to tighten the skin, it combines; Laser Lipo, Ultra-sound Cavitation and Radio Frequency for skin tightening.

£70 per treatment / £520 for course of 8

Targeted Cellulite Legs/Bum Treatment

This tailored treatment usually for thighs and buttocks will use CACI Quantum Muscle toning, CACI Electro-Cellulite Massager and the Environ body sculpting to help penetrate toning/firming gel into the skin.

£70 per treatment / £520 for course of 8

Stomach Shaping Treatment

This treatment is focused on the Tummy area to strengthen, tone and shape the stomach area plus tightening loose skin.  It combines CACI Quantum Muscle toning, Ultra-Sound Cavitation (if required) and Radio Frequency contouring and skin tightening.

£70 per treatment / £520 for course of 8

Chin Sculpt Treatment

This treatment is focused on contouring the chin and jawline using LaserLipo if required, Radio Frequency tightening and mesotherapy nappage technique using Aqualyx and Xpert Meso Device to penetrate it deeper into the fat cells.

From £70 per treatment / £480 for course of 8

Bespoke Bust Lift & Firm Treatment

This bust treatment will help to lift, tone and strengthen muscles around the bust area to give an enhanced, firmer and fuller appearance.

It will also use Radio Frequency skin tightening technology to stimulate collagen production, shorten elastin fibres and tighten and firm the skin. A bust firming mask can be also used to help hydrate and firm the skin.

A course of treatment is recommended, ideally having 2 treatments per week to achieve best results, followed by monthly maintenance.

£75 per treatment / £690 for Course of 10


Add a full body vibration plate session to help speed up the removal process of fat/waste/toxins from the body treatment to any of the above treatments for £5.

£10 for standalone 10 minute treatment