Finance Options

Spread Your Beauty Costs with a Payment Plan

A great way to pay for courses for facials, body treatments, hair removal, product bundles or home-care devices, can be with payment finance plans to help spread the cost. It’s nice to have options on how to pay for your treatments and products. Here are the few options that are now available to my clients:

1. In-house payment

Payment plans for courses of treatment are simple:

  • pay a 10% booking fee, this allows you to book all the appointment dates/times included within your course
  • pay half of course of treatment price on treatment 1 then pay the balance mid-way through

2. Klarna

Split payments into 3 monthly installments (payment plan with Klarna at website checkout)

3. GoCardless

Direct debit monthly payments for flexible number of months i.e. 6 months (DD paid via GoCardless, plan set up by clinic)

4. Pretty Face Finance

Monthly payment plans over 3, 6 or 9 months (payment plan with Pretty Face Finance on application via website)


A payment plan or monthly subscription can be set up via GoCardless using a “Direct Debit Instruction” which is set up on a customer’s bank account, a Direct Debit is authorised for a specific merchant (RR Skin & Laser Clinic), usually via our online form.  The merchant (RR Skin & Laser Clinic) will set up the payment plan through GoCardless and will send you an authorisation link, most commonly via email. Clicking this link will open a payment page for you to fill in with your details and submit. This will set up your Direct Debit mandate. Once your mandate is active, GoCardless will then be able to charge your account according to the payment parameters set for you by the merchant (RR Skin & Laser Clinic).

Example – Course of laser treatment £600 – payment plan set up for 6 monthly payments of £100 collected on a specific day of the month.

How long does it take to process my payment?

Due to the nature of the Direct Debit scheme, payments are charged two working days after they are created in our system. Providing your payment is not part of an ongoing subscription, we will notify you of the payment via email when it is created. Your payment will be paid out to the merchant three working days after the charge date.

How will payments appear on my bank statement?

A reference will appear on your bank statements in the following format:  GOCARDLESS-[MERCHANTNAME]-XXXXXXX
  • [MERCHANTNAME] refers to what the merchant you’re paying through GoCardless has registered against their account with us.
  • The XXXXXXX” represents a unique reference, usually between five to seven characters, that relates specifically to your Direct Debit mandate with a specific merchant. 
If you have any further Questions regarding GoCardless please visit their website 

Pretty Face Finance

Finance Payment Options

If you would like to spread the costs over monthly payments, I’ve joined up with Pretty Face Finance that can offer my clients a payment plan.  It is easy to apply, simply fill out the short application and receive an INSTANT decision.  Quick and easy steps to get finance for your beauty/aesthetic treatment.  Click here to start your application

  1. Enter postcode for RR Skin & Laser Clinic – DA2 6NT
  2. Select a treatment or product
  3. Choose a payment plan
  4. Apply for finance
  5. Book treatment online or purchase products via online shop

It is advised to have a free skin consultation before applying for finance for facials and body treatments.

Payment Calculator

Click here to go to the payment calculator

Pretty Face Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Pretty Face Finance?

Pretty face finance was created based on the constant growing demand for cosmetic procedures, but the lack of finance options or realistic payment plans currently available within the industry.

What is a representive example of how much I could borrow?

A loan of £100 borrowed for 3 months. Interest Rate 2% per month. Interest rate 24% per year. Total interest payable £5.99. Total Amount payable £105.99. Representative APR 36.01%.

All financials promotions and credit is offered by Social Money Ltd t/a PayL8r

What if I haven’t finished paying off my existing finance but decide I want to another treatment?

You can keep using the service for your on-going treatments and products even if you haven’t cleared existing finance (Providing you are keeping up with payments)

When will the terms and conditions of my finance agreement start?

The agreement will start on the day you receive the actual treatment. This will be the same day funds will be sent over to the chosen clinic in order to pay for your procedure.

What if I am unable to keep up with my payments?

Lending is based on customer’s affordability therefore lending would not be made to anyone who could not afford the monthly repayments. However, in the event that your circumstances change please contact the Payl8R team and they will work with you to reduce your monthly installments into a more manageable figure.

For more frequently asked questions or information please go to the Pretty Face Finance page –