Launching New Mesotherapy (needle-free) treatments

xpert_treatmen_1-1Now available at R&R Beauty is the aesthetic Mesotherapy (needle-free) facial – powerful pharmaceutical graded hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, growth factors are driven into the skin using an Xpert machie to give fantastic skin results. It can be a natural alternative to botox and fillers.

Consultation and taster facial £20. To book your appointment contact Natalie on 07958 439091.

The Fusion XPERT is a new concept in non-invasive aesthetic medicine. An advanced approach to Mesotherapy based on a combination of electroporation & photo bio-stimulation, which enhances the transportation of products through the epidermis to the dermis via cellular pores. This process allows high strength pharmaceutical grade vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid serums to reach the heart of the cells, at the same time emitting as LED light to activate certain biological functions of the skin and the cells.

The Fusion XPERT (needle-free) Mesotherapy treatment is suitable for anyone wishing to treat conditions such as – aged skin, wrinkles and expression lines, flaccid skin, pigmentation, dark eye circles and eye fat bags, stretch marks, cellulite and localised fat.

Mesotherapy for the Face

The most popular treatment by Celebrities within Fusion Mesotherapy. It incorporates a special cocktail of growth factors and biomimetic peptides. It is blended with hyaluronic acid for deep nourishment and wrinkle reduction. Anti-ageing and rejuvenation on many levels – reduce wrinkles, skin firming, stimulate collagen, skin brightening and radiance. £55 / course of 6 -£300 (60 minutes)

A powerful cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid is used to achieve a natural, healthy glow to the skin, reversing the signs of ageing. Perfect for instant hydration, it will help to repair and regenerate the skin. Ideal treatment post exposure to the sun and in winter months, when skin is in extra need of nourishment. £55 / course of 6 -£300 (60 minutes)

Treat your skin to an instant boost of radiance, this powerful blend of active ingredients provides instant radiance and hydration, bringing your skin back to life. Particularly beneficial for helping reduce pigmentation, brighten smokers skin or dull lack lustre skin. £50 / course of 6 –£270 (50 minutes)

A concentrated treatment on the forehead and eyes – giving a natural botox-like effect. Working to reduce the activity in the muscle to reduce expression lines. Extremely effect treatment over a course, results can be seen from treatment 3-4 onwards. £35 / course of 6 -£200 (30 minutes)

There are two types of treatments available for the eyes:
1 – Eye Contour is an exclusive formula that works in synergy with the fragile and sensitive zone around the eyes, to reduce puffiness, dark circles, under-eye wrinkle, leaving eyes looking fresh and radiant.
2 – Eye Lift helps to instantly hydrate and soften lines/wrinkles, firm hanging crepey skin, restore tautness and rejuvenate the eye lid. £35 / course of 6 -£200 (30 minutes)

This treatment will help to improve sagging skin, with a mix of powerful meso that will increase skin tightening, moisture and skin volume. This is good for preventing skin ageing and will give a good skin rejuvenation result.
£45 / course of 6 – £240 (50 minutes)

This treatment can help sooth irritated skin, reduce redness, balance oily skin and reduce open pores. A perfect treatment for congested, blemished and acne skin.
£40 / course of 6 – £210 (40 minutes)

A popular needle-free option to reduce deep wrinkles naturally and to remove fine lines and expression lines. Working with high concentrations of non-crossed linked hyaluronic acid, results are often seen following the first treatment leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and plumped. A perfect treatment to plump the top lip. £35 / course of 6 -£200 (30 minutes)

Mesotherapy (needle-free) treatments can treat the body as well stretch marks, cellulite and fat reduction

Mesotherapy For the Body

MesoStretch is an effective treatment to help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring by using powerful growth factors to generate new skin cells to restructure the appearance of the skin. It will help to soothe irritated and damaged skin. £40 / course of 6 – £210 (30 minutes)

Fusion MesoCellulite
An ideal treatment to effectively break down cellulite. MesoCellulite will eliminate toxins and provide an intensive drainage effect. It will naturally increase collagen and elastin in the skin. £45 / course of 6 – £240 (30 minutes)

Fusion MesoReduction
MesoReduction is a treatment that specifically targets fat cells. It can be used to reduce eye fat bags, double chin, bingo wings and localised fat around the body. Effective over a course of treatment, it works to dissolve stubborn fat deposits and to reshape the area being treated. £40 / course of 6 – £210 (30 minutes)

To book a consultation and taster treatment for £20 please contact Natalie on 07958 439091

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