Body Healing Treatments

Celluma LED TherapyScientifically proven to help speed up our bodies cells to repair and heal quicker and more effectively, LED light therapy has been proven to be used safely and effectively to treat  muscle aches, pain relief and healing wounds.  Blue, red and near-infrared are the specific wavelengths used in this treatment, they have been well researched and scientifically proven to produce therapeutic benefits. Research has shown that light therapy can

  • improve skin tone, texture and clarity
  • increase circulation
  • accelerate tissue repair
  • kill acne bacteria
  • decrease inflammation
  • reduce ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness

Celluma is the LED light therapy device that is used in salon to treat:

Pain Management

Near-infrared penetrates deepest and increases micro-circulation (tissue repair), decreases inflammation and relieves pain.


Blue penetrates through the epidermis to destroy acne causing bacteria, not only only clearing up existing blemishes but preventing future breakouts.


Red penetrates into the dermal layer and has been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production.

Light Therapy Body Healing Treatment

A cleanse of the skin is carried out before the Celluma LED light therapy unit is place over the treatment area of concern i.e. back, neck, shoulders, arms, knees, hands, ankles.  The treatment time is set at 30 minutes.

£30 per treatment per area. Course of 6 – £162 (1 area )

To treat the face see more information here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is low-level light therapy?

Originally researched and developed by NASA, low-level light therapy is the application of light energy to the body to obtain therapeutic benefits. It produces a natural photo-biochemcial reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis, and has a wide range of beneficial applications across many medical fields, including the treatment of skin, muscle, joint and pain conditions.

Does is get hot?

No, but you may feel a slight warmth on the skin.

Is LED light therapy safe?

Yes completely safe, the only light that can provide therapeutic benefits.