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Importance of Consultation & Skin Analysis

Before undertaking new skincare routine or treatments it is important to have a consultation and skin analysis with a professional skin specialist so that the correct treatment plan can be personalised and tailored for your skin type, concerns and goals. I am passionate about offering professional, expert advice and support on how you can improve your skin and body concerns to boost your confidence. By recommending a tailored home-care routine and in-clinic treatment plan that [...]

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Forthcoming Dates Cosmetic Injection Clinic

New dates now confirmed for Cosmetic Injections Clinic run by Louise Hack, experienced aesthetic nurse. For more information on treatments this can be found on the website To book a consultation please email or text/call/whatapps Natalie on 07958439091.   *Please note these treatments are not available to book on the online booking system. Before and Afters If you would like to book a consultation and appointment for the Cosmetic Injection Clinic please [...]

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Salon Re-Opening for Treatments on 13 April

Full steam ahead planning to re-open the clinic on Tuesday 13 April, this will only change if the Government changes the plan. I have now opened up the online appointment diary so you can now book your appointments again online BOOK NOW    Please note the revised opening times below.  There are new finance payment options available if you wish to purchase courses of treatments, product bundles or purchasing via the online Skin Shop. Full details can [...]

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NEW Launching Laser & IPL Treatments – Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation and more

Laser & Light (IPL) Treatments - Permanent Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation and More..... I am super excited to finally be introducing a wide range of Laser & IPL Treatments into the clinic, after completing Level 4 - Advanced Laser & IPL qualification back in 2019, I have spent a huge amount of time researching Laser/IPL machines across the world.  It was my mission to ensure I purchased the best Laser/IPL machine that can deliver fast [...]

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Forthcoming Injectables Clinic with Aesthetic Nurse

Injectables Clinic Anti-wrinkle injections, Filler, Profhilo, Acquaylx, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D Forthcoming Dates Monday 5 October Wednesday 21 October Monday 16 November If you would like to book a consultation and appointment for an injectable treatment please email or call/text/whatapps Natalie on 07958439091 with potential times you can do and I will confirm your place.  The normal automatic booking confirmations and reminders will then be sent out to you. Client feedback from last months clinic... [...]

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NEW Monthly Injectables Clinic with Aesthetic Nurse

New Injectables Clinic starting this month.. Anti-wrinkle injections, Filler, Profhilo, Acquaylx, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D. I am always looking at new ways to help clients achieve the results they want with their face and body.  Whilst I maintain my focus on non-surgical and non-injectable treatments in-salon to improve skin health and radiance, I do believe there is a place for injectables in today's beauty world.  I have a lot of clients asking me for recommendations for places to go so I [...]

2020-10-03T12:30:16+00:00September 3rd, 2020|Treatments|

NEW Launching iS-Clinical Skincare Range & Treatments

I am super excited to welcome and launch the iS-Clinical brand into the clinic - the UK's most luxury clinical brand. iS-Clinical is formulated using the highest pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy and purity. Products are formulated without parabens, sulfates and other chemicals that cause irritation. Resulting in products that are powerful, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.  Their highly effective formulations for homecare can treat medical skincare conditions such as Acne, [...]

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Treatments now available in COVID Secure Salon

COVID Secure Salon Environment Im delighted to be back open again for treatments, I would like to advise clients of some of the new procedures to help keep everyone safe and complaint during this time. Additional Cleaning There will now be an additional 15 minutes gap between every appointment to allow for additional cleaning measures as per Government guidelines including spraying all door and gate handles, opening doors/windows for ventilation, and cleaning all surfaces with [...]

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Environ Skincare Online Shop Now Live…

Purchasing your Environ Skincare is now even easier... I'm delighted to now officially launch my online shop to make it even easier for clients to purchase their favourite Environ skincare products whenever and wherever they need them.  For existing clients it is simple to navigate the online shop products have been put into categories by their purpose i.e. cleansers, toners, moisturisers, suncare etc. Environ customers purchased from other sources, before you order for the first [...]

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Advanced Skin Analysis – Facial Scanner

Advanced Facial Skin Analysis & Consultation It is important to really understand the skin before commencing treatment at home or in-salon, we should be looking not only at the surface of the skin but underneath the skin as well.  To do this I use an advanced facial skin analyser that clinically measures the surface and subsurface of the skin using the state-of-the-art digital imagery, using RGB visible light, PL polarised light and UV spectrum imaging [...]

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