The Emepelle regime includes Emepelle Serum and Emepelle Night Cream. Using just these two products will rejuvenate, rebalance and restore skin affected by menopause – with no need to layer multiple skincare products.

  • Featuring revolutionary MEP Technology
  • Packed with additional anti-ageing ingredients
  • Improves hydration, brightness and firmness
  • 3-month supply that delivers results & excellent value

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Size – Serum 35ml pump, Cream 48g pot

Emepelle Serum

For daytime, Emepelle Serum, featuring MEP Technology®, is light-to-touch and silky making it ideal to use under make-up. With a host of active ingredients, including antioxidant protection, it helps reinvigorate the natural functions of skin affected by menopause – all in a fast-absorbing, oil-free formulation.

How to use Emepelle Serum

  • Apply Emepelle Serum every morning to cleansed skin
  • Dispense 1-2 pumps of the luxurious serum into your hands
  • Apply to your face and neck with light upward sweeping motions
  • Finish by gently sweeping the remainder of serum around the eye area

Expert tip – Once the serum has absorbed into your skin, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin throughout the day.

Emepelle Night Cream

For evening use, the luxurious and restorative Emepelle Night Cream, featuring high strength MEP Technology®, harnesses skin’s natural night-time repair activities to promote vitality and luminosity. This rich moisturising cream for menopausal skin contains a unique blend of powerful ingredients, including retinol, to reinvigorate skin while maximising hydration and nourishment.

How to use Emepelle Night Cream

  • Apply to cleansed skin, on an evening, before bed
  • You only need a little. Use your Emepelle Night Cream spoon to measure out a pea-size amount
  • Apply to the face and neck with light upward sweeping motions
  • After use, rinse your spoon under warm water

Expert tip – Introduce Emepelle Night Cream into your skin regime by following the Step Up Programme.

Emepelle Night Cream: Using The Step Up Programme

Skin affected by menopause can be thinner, more fragile and more sensitive to the powerful combination of active ingredients found in Emepelle Night Cream.

To acclimatise your skin, we recommend using Emepelle Night Cream just twice a week before gradually increasing usage as shown in the table.

Week How often to use Emepelle Night Cream
1&2 3 times a week
3 4 times a week
4 5 times a week
5+ Every evening

A Complete Skincare Regime – Regain skin confidence with Emepelle.

Looking for the best skincare for menopausal skin? Emepelle, featuring unique MEP Technology®, provides everything mature skin needs in just two products. So, you no longer need to layer multiple anti-ageing creams.

MEP Technology® is a revolutionary advancement in skin science which addresses the collagen loss that occurs during menopause, restoring hydration, brightness and firmness to the skin.

Emepelle combines MEP Technology® with a unique blend of powerful ingredients including retinol, peptides, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, plus advanced moisturisers to treat skin affected by menopause like nothing else.


Night Cream
MEP Technology

Reinvigorates the natural functions of skin affected by menopause


Renews the surface of the skin & reduces lines and wrinkles


Brightens the skin and improves tone and texture


Improves skin firmness


Provides powerful defence against free radicals

Hyaluronic acid

Improves hydration and plumps the skin


Key Ingredients

  • MEP Technology® – encourages the skin to behave as if the oestrogen were still there
  • Retinol – increases cell turnover and enhances penetration of key ingredients
  • Anti-oxidants – boost skin health
  • Niacinamide – brightens the skin
  • Peptides – firm the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid – increases skin hydration