Reusable Cotton Pads with laundry bag

Reusable Cotton Pads with laundry bag


Soft cotton bamboo make-up remover pads reusable, washable and includes laundry bag – perfect for daily use.


Makeup remover pads made from 2 layers of soft, organic bamboo cotton, 8 cm (3.14 inch) in diameter – small and compact in size. Ideal for daily makeup removal, Can be used for applying toner and moisturiser. Suitable for everyone – people of all ages and skin types, even sensitive baby skin

The pads can be washed and reused – perfect for the environment. Cotton mesh bag supplied to pop your pads into the washing machine.  4 pads supplied with laundry bag.

How to use them

  • Please wash the pads before the first use
  • To use, place the pads in warm water and wipe away any makeup in a circular motion.
  • Repeat this process until your skin is so fresh and so clean.
  • To clean the pads ready for your next use, place the used pads into the cotton bag and then into the washing machine at 40°C.  If you prefer, they can be simply washed by hand!
  • After washing the pads, they can either be dried naturally on a flat surface or they can be hung to dry by using their tags.