Hair Removal Treatments

Hot non-strip wax and strip wax is used in waxing / hair removal treatments. I use the premium waxing brand Perron Rigot, with 30 years of innovation, Perron Rigot holds the patent on formulas for low-temperature waxes and is the inventor of no-strip disposable wax.

Strip wax cartridges are used on large areas because they are a quick, convenient and efficient way to remove hair. Non-sticky, the wax is removed using non-woven strips. Perfect for legs, arms, back, chest.

Hot non-strip wax is applied in ultra-thin layers and removes the hair easily in a single pass without the need for non-woven strips. Supple and non-brittle, hot non-strip wax offers ultra-high performance, encapsulating the hair and not taking off the skin. This is the best form of wax that is kind and gentle on the skin, it is perfect for sensitive areas such as face and bikini.

Waxing Prices

  • Full leg wax: £19
  • 3/4 leg wax: £15
  • 1/2 leg wax: £12
  • Underarm: £7
  • Bikini – Standard (hot wax): £15
  • Bikini – Extended (hot wax): £20
  • Brazilian (hot wax): £25
  • Hollywood (hot wax): £28
  • Full Arm / Half Arm: £10 / £7
  • Eyebrow 1 / Eyebrow 2 (top & bottom): £6 / £8
  • Lip: £6
  • Chin/Neck: £8